The Company
Agri Enviro Solutions has more than 30 years extensive experience in the sales, service and support of analytical equipment.
To provide a visible witness for Jesus Christ in all that we do.
The People
Specialist expertise within the Agri Enviro Solutions team, as well as a network of available external experts when necessary offers the customers a total solution service. This pool of expertise allows the best use of cutting edge technologies and innovation under a wide range of circumstances.
Factory trained application specialists supply complete application support and method development support for all analyses and laboratories.
Service and Support
Our factory trained team of dedicated service engineers offer rapid and cost effective preventative maintenance and technical support in all our areas of operation which includes South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles.
Agri Enviro Solutions offers regular local and international training programs to customers in specific analytical techniques and applications.
To ensure minimal downtime of our customers’ systems, we have backup and loan instruments as well as a comprehensive stock of consumables and spares.

advantage lab

Being long term professionals in equipment manufacturing and laboratory distribution, the founders of Advantage-Lab recognized the need of customers in public research to find lab equipment of sustainable quality at an attractive price.

Advantage-Lab continously strive to improve our contribution to the fascinating world of research and to make the world a little bit better. This by acting as responsible people, doing business in an ethical way, respecting people and their environment, and threat them fairly.

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The moisture of agricultural products is an important quality parameter for the harvest and storage capacity as well as an important measure for marketing.

In order to determine the exact moisture content of harvested crops a thermal water extraction must be carried out with a drying scale or a drying oven,. This method takes in practice too long.

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• To develop, manufacture and market analytical instrumentation and support products for use in laboratory analyses of agricultural and food products.

• To compete in those markets that can benefit from ANKOM Technology's product offerings.

• To provide technological solutions to enhance the determination of nutritional components in agricultural and dietary products.

• To expand its portfolio in areas related to our core competencies.

• To use our position to help those in need.

• To provide a visible witness for Jesus Christ in all that we do.

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C-Cell provides important information for evaluation of baked products, ingredients and process conditions. The system is easy to use and can be incorporated into quality control, new product development or process design projects. The system uses dedicated image analysis software to quantify cell characteristics and external features.

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CHOPIN TECHNOLOGIES, a Tripette & Renaud subsidiary, was created by the grouping of three entities historically focused on qualitative tests on cereals and their derivatives :

  • The "laboratory device" branch of Tripette & Renaud (itself founded in 1836 to work on grain) specialized in producing cereal testing devices since 1970,
  • Chopin SA founded in 1950 by Mr Marcel Chopin, inventor of the Alveograph, whose production would be exclusively linked to flour testing.
  • Serdia SARL, created in the 1960s, manufacturer of silothermometry devices designed to manage temperatures in stored cereals and sampling probes.

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Cisa started officially its activity as a manufacturer of wood screens and sieves at the end of the 19th Century, fostered by Mr. Antoni Ros. Originally, the company was located on Pallars st. Number 147, in the Poble Nou neighbourhood. At the beginning the business was only dedicated to manufacture and repair sieves and screens. It was after 1948 and thanks to the son-in-law of the founder, Mr. Juan Jose Sans Alabau, when the company changed its place to a new building in the Pere IV st., number 197 Bis. In this new business he started a new activity: the selling of the wire mesh for industrial applications. It was thanks to Mr. Sans Alabau that CEDACERIA INDUSTRIAL was consolidated as one of the main providers of wire mesh nationwide. In 1960, Mr. Jordi Ferrer Carabús, son-in-law of Mr. Sans Alabau, made a decisive change by designing a new strategy: from the handmade sieves to the industrial manufacturing of test sieve, including a line of sieve shakers which were a leader in the national market for 20 years.

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C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems sell a range of laboratory equipment for the following; Kjeldahl Nitrogen and protein, traditional and rapid digestion and distillation, metal and trace metal digestions, traditional and rapid soxlhet solvent extraction for fat in foods or environmental sample extracts, general heating equipment including heating mantles and hotplates, and shaking, including the Dumatherm and Fibretherm systems.

Recently C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems has extended its range of products with lines of equipment complementary to the existing Gerhardt laboratory equipment.


Since its establishment in 1984, IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH has developed into a high-tech provider. The company develops and produces state-of-the-art measuring technology and sensors for reliable, precise, high-quality measurement of various physical parameters in connection with water and material control, speedily delivering accurate results for online and offline measurements in diverse applications.

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Experience, competence, innovation – for the highest standards in industry, research and science. For more than four decades JULABO continues as one of the world’s leading experts for temperature control systems. Our high-quality products, systems and solutions have markedly influenced the development and progress of temperature control. Qualified employees, professional production engineering, and an emphasis on quality and service form the foundation to this success story. A concentrated interplay of technology and environmental responsibility makes JULABO the ecological pioneer of the temperature control industry.

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megazyme logo

Megazyme is the world leader in the development of biochemical assay kits that cater to a wide range of industries and use only the highest quality enzymes and reagents. Many Megazyme methods have been validated by international bodies and in most cases, a number of different assay kit formats (manual, microplate, auto-analyser) are available. When coupled with the various analyzers now available from Megazyme, a bespoke solution for users at every level is available, from high throughput analytical laboratories right down to the smallest analytical facilities having minimal scientific equipment.

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Meter Group designs, manufactures, and markets scientific instruments. The applied research division focuses on measuring water, light, and heat in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

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Our global leadership in the weighing industry is attributed to four principles that guide the way we conduct business - the OHAUS Advantage. These four principles lead us to fulfill our commitment to meeting our customer's expectations and achieve excellence in every aspect of our business.

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Omni International, Inc, with headquarters in Kennesaw Georgia, is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of laboratory homogenizers. Omni sets the industry standard with an unmatched commitment to outstanding product design, reliable performance and a uniquely diversified solution based product line.

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The company was founded in 1962 by Mr. Harald Perten. We are experts in quality control of Grain, Flour, Feed and Food, and offer a wide range of analytical equipment for these industries.

Perten Instruments invented the Falling Number method and the Glutomatic method, and continues to invest heavily in R&D. We have worked with NIR since the beginning of the 1980s and offer the most advanced, modern NIR instruments today. The acquisition of Newport Scientific in 2007 expanded our product range to cover instruments for rheological testing and dough characterization.

Our presence is worldwide through Perten offices and distributors, and in total we are active in 100 countries. The Perten Instruments Group headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have local offices in the USA, China, Germany and Australia.

We are very active in industry associations such as ICC and AACC.

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For more than thirty years Pneumac has produced quality sampling and testing tools.

We also stock Insect Traps, Balances, Desicator Cabinets and Jacobsen (Copenhagen) Baths and spares.

Our products are used to sample commodities such as Grain, Corn, Wheat, Barley, Maize, Peas, Beans, Rice, Nuts, Coffee, Cocoa, Soil, Lupines, Soya Bean, Sunflower, Flax, Linseed, Asparagus, Beet,  Cucumber, Gherkin, Melon, Spinach, Fruit and other seeds and cereals large and small; also animal feed and pellets, plastics and chemicals and other granular products.

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P S Analytical are leaders in the supply of instrumentation for the determination of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Tellurium (Te), Antimony (Sb) and Bismuth (Bi).

Systems generally utilize Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a means of detection, however systems for Mercury based on Atomic Absorbtion Spectroscopy are available where regulations demand it.

Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy offers many advantages over other techniques (such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) for the determination of mercury and the hydride forming elements including better sensitivity, selectivity and linearity.

The PSA systems are utilised for many diverse applications, from environmental to petrochemical and cover all sample types from gases to liquids and solids. Used for the measurement of totals and for speciation, the PSA systems offer unrivalled performance and reliability within the marketplace.

Skalar is a Dutch company, established in 1965 as a producer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. It has since grown into a multinational organization with its own subsidiaries in most European countries and North America, and with over eighty representatives throughout the world.


Shore Measuring Systems sells and services moisture testers and moisture meters for the grain, seed, milling, processing, and farm markets. We handle a full line of grain grading equipment.

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Specim LOGO

In the early 1990’s, thanks to more than 10 years of intensive scientific research done by the VTT Technical Research Centre, the Specim Founders designed the first professional hyperspectral spectrographs and imagers. These first commercially available spectrographs were developed in close collaboration with NASA to meet the requirements of the most advanced applications in remote sensing.


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AGARNO AS is an international company with a strong drive to develop state-of-the-art camera solutions for visually impaired persons, for teaching purposes, for inspection and for the medical industry.

TAGARNO’s payoff is seeing solutions and that is what we do. We create solutions that make you see things, you did not see earlier – and we do that by seeing solutions for design, technology, quality, safety and user-friendliness.


Established 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska, where it still operates today, Total Manufacturing Company specializes in one-stop, concept-to-completion metal manufacturing services. TMCO can finish a product from any stage be it design, fabrication, paint, assembly—or if you wish, the whole ball of wax.

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Often underestimated, grain sampling is, however, a highly important process. And that is all the more reason to entrust TPLG with its realisation.

TPLG have been a leader in automatic grain sampling in Europe ever since 1977. Today, with more than 2800 references in 20 countries and agents in a total of 40 different countries, TPLG are determined to consolidate their leading position, and to develop their presence on the international market.



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The history of Wile goes back to the year 1964 when the Wile grain moisture meter design was patented by the Finnish innovator Matti Wilska. As a result of continuous development the portable Wile meters are today a whole family of products that are available for most grains and seeds in almost all agricultural areas around the world.Wile grain moisture meters use the capacitive measurement principle that allows measurement of whole grains.




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